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Krabi is a perfect location for a family holiday in Thailand. Krabi has been sheltered pirates and gypsies in its many bays and coves for thousands of years. But it is a fairly new addition to the list of travel destinations in Thailand. It is gaining in popularity as a beautiful spot for an exotic beach vacation for the entire family. A Krabi family holiday has something for each member of your family, the young and young at heart. Krabi offers some of the best scuba diving, kayaking, and rock climbing in the world. If you want to plan a family holiday full of adventure and outdoor activities, then plan a Krabi family holiday.

Krabi Information

Krabi is a southern province of Thailand, located on the Andaman Sea. Just a few degrees above the equator, Krabi has a warm, tropical climate all year long. With white sandy beaches, clear blue sea water and gorgeous rock formations throughout the province; Krabi is truly a family vacation paradise. My family and I have made several trips to Krabi and will find it impossible not to go back for another family beach vacation.

Getting to Krabi

Krabi Beach

In recent years, Krabi has become very easy to reach. The current Krabi airport was opened in 1999 and today there are several airlines that fly to Krabi from Bangkok. If your family wants to have a closer look at Thailand on the ground, then go to Krabi part way by train and complete the trip on a bus to Krabi. If you go by train, why not stop in Hua Hin on your way to Krabi. It is also possible to hire a driver and take a taxi to Krabi. A taxi would be my least favorite option for getting to Krabi.

Getting Around On Krabi Transportation

Krabi is a very diverse area. There are beaches, rock formations and many islands. Krabi town is rather far from some of the best beaches and activities. This makes it a bit more difficult to get around during your Krabi family holiday. There are quite a few local taxis, commonly called songtheows, which will shuttle you between the town and the beaches. If you enjoy motorbikes, there are numerous businesses that rent motorbikes on a daily or weekly basis. Our family has made several trips to Krabi. I prefer to drive our van to Krabi so that we have use of a vehicle for our Krabi transportation needs.

Krabi Activities

Krabi is known for its limestone formations which rise up from the land and the sea. These magnificent towers of stone provide the setting for numerous activities, such as, rock climbing, kayaking through sea caves and diving in a beautiful underwater world. These rock formations and the gorgeous beaches are the reasons Krabi tourism is growing each year. Although it is still not as comercialized as Phuket, Krabi is no longer undiscovered. With over two million visitors a year, much business in krabi caters to the tourists. Spending your vacation sunning on a beach is very easy. But with so many Krabi activities, your family has many options for an adventure filled family holiday.

Krabi Attractions

Krabi province has family attractions in many different areas. There are beaches and islands to explore. Your family may be satisfied with sunbathing and swimming at one of the main beach areas. Ao Nang is a very popular beach area. But if you just want to relax on a beach, head to Hat Noppharat. Railay Beach is also a popular area, but is best known for the spectacular climbing. Krabi attractions are as diverse as the landscape of Krabi province. You are sure to find something fun for each family member while on your Krabi family holiday.

Krabi Hotels

With so many activities in Krabi to choose, it would be easy to forget to make a hotel reservation. Krabi hotels are just as diverse as the landscape and activities. It is important to book a hotel in the area where you plan to spend the majority of your time. A majority of Krabi hotels are located in Ao Nang and Koh Lanta.

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